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Business II (BSB20115)

BSB20115 Certificate II in Business
This qualification provides the foundation business skills and knowledge for an individual to be an effective business user or employee. The qualification has a fundamental business knowledge and skills base which is pivotal for all other qualifications within the Business area.
Occupational titles may include: General office worker, clerical worker, administration assistant, receptionist, etc.

Qualification Structure
This course consists of one (1) core units of competency and eleven (11) elective units of competency.
This resource package covers the following units of competency:

Core unit: Elective Units BSBIND201 - Work effectively in a business environment
BSBINM201 - Process and maintain workplace information
BSBINM202 - Handle mail
BSBCMM201 - Communicate in the workplace
BSBITU201 - Produce simple word processed documents
BSBITU202 - Create and use spreadsheets
BSBITU203 - Communicate electronically
BSBWOR202 - Organise and complete daily work activities
BSBWOR203 - Work effectively with others
BSBWOR204 - Use business technology
BSBCUS201 - Deliver a service to customers
BSBFLM303 - Contribute to effective work relationships
BSBITU303 - Design and produce text documents

Course Approach

This course is structured around an on-line scenario based at the Temperate Wholsealers office. The scenario application forms part of this resource package.

Resource Package
The resourses in this package include:
  • Adapted scenario based resource covering all required units of competency for the qualification
  • Assessment tasks: Assessment tools, Third Party Reports, Observation Records, Records of Assessment forms.Materials Improvement Request
  • RPL Kit consisting of Candidate Information, Assessor Information and Procedures, Competency Conversation (questions and process) and Practical Tasks (All four separate resources contain all required proformas for recording process and candidate's responses/achievements.)
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Students' Guide
  • Customisation Guide
Learning and Assessment Strategy (includes assessment overview)

The subscription to this resource package includes all of the above resources, alteration and enhancement of the resources through a user materials improvement process, monitoring and changes to ensure ASQA compliance; and access to a contextualisation service at reduced fees. Note: The e-learning package was constructed by TEIA with financial assistance from DEEWR and is freely available through appropriate portals to public education providers. This resource is distibuted through this package for only packaging and distribution costs; the enhancements; form part of the commercial package.

Attention: This package is a list of resources for registered training organisations, schools, colleges and other education/training organisations. It is not enrolment in a course leading to the qualification. For information on enrolling in the qualification's course email admin@teia.edu.au

Training_Assessment_Strategy_BSB20115_1-0.docPurchase course to Download Materials_Improvement_Form_2-0.docPurchase course to Download Workplace_Journal_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBCMM201_AssessTool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBCUS201_AssessTool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBFLM303_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBIND201_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBINM201_AssessTool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBINM202_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBITU201_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBITU202_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBITU203_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBITU303_AssessTool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBSUS201_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBWHS201_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBWOR202_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSBWOR203_AssessTool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download BSBWOR204_AssessTool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download BSB20115_Assessor_Guide_1-2.docPurchase course to Download BSB20115_Candidate_Guide_1-2.docPurchase course to Download BSB20115_Forms_1-3.docPurchase course to Download BSB20115_Workplace_Guide_1-2.docPurchase course to Download

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