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Certificate II - Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

This qualification is designed for students who require further foundation skills development to prepare for workforce entry or vocational training pathways.

It is suitable for individuals who require:

  • a pathway to employment or vocational training;
  • reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication and learning skills at Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 3;
  • entry level digital literacy and employability skills; and,
  • a vocational training and employment plan.

The course consists of 14 units of competency grouped in cluster of units.

Training_Assessment_Strategy_FSK20113_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
FSK20113_Mapping_Guide_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
1_AssessmentPlan_Numeracy.docPurchase course to Download
1_Numeracy_Marking Guide_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
2_AssessmentPlan_WorkplaceInformation.docPurchase course to Download
2_WkplInfo_AssessTool_1-2.docPurchase course to Download
2_WrkInfo_Marking Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
2_WkplInfo_Tasks_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
3_AssessmentPlan_WrkplCommunication.docPurchase course to Download
3_WrkPlace_Com_Marking Guide_1-1doc.docPurchase course to Download
3_WkplCom_Tasks_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
4_AssessmentPlan-CareerPlanning.docPurchase course to Download
4_Career_Planning_AssessTool_1-2.docPurchase course to Download
4_CarPlan_Marking Guide_1-1_0 (1).docPurchase course to Download
4_CarPlan_Tasks_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
FSK20113_Assessor_Guide_1-2.docPurchase course to Download
FSK20113_Candidate_Guide_1-3.docPurchase course to Download
FSK20113_Forms_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
FSK20113_Workplace_Guide_1-1.docPurchase course to Download

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