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ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology

ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology

This qualification allows a person to develop basic skills and knowledge to prepare for work.  They will have the skills and knolwedge to undertake a range of simple tasks under close supervision.  The range of technical skills and knowledge is limited..

This is an entry level position across a range of industries.

Qualification Structure

This course consists of four (4) core units of competency and two (2) elective units of competency. This resource package covers the following units of competency:


ICTICT101 Operate a personal computer
ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications
ICTICT103 Use, communicate and search securely on the internet
ICTICT104 Use digital devices


BSBWHS201   Contribute to the health and safety of self and others
BSBCMM101   Apply basic communication skills 
ICTICT108       Use digital literacy skills to access the internet 
ICTICT106       Operate presentation packages 

Course Approach

This course is structured around a range of modules that relate the basic IT skills to employment opportunities. The course is available only as an online course which will be embedded within the learning management system of the school or organisation. (TEIA can assist with this if the purchaser does not have the infrastructure to do this). 

Resource Package

The resourses in this package include:

  • The digital application that covers all units of competency in a HTML5 compliant form. The resource will run across a range of computer operating systems, mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) and tablets.
  • Masters of text resources where required (e.g. log books, resources)
  • Assessment tasks
  • Assessment tools: 
    • Third Party Reports
    • Observation Records
  • Records of Assessment forms
  • Materials Imporvement Request
  • RPL Kit consisting of Candidate Guide, Assessor Guide, Forms for workplace observation, self-assessment, recording of data and competency conversation templates (questions and process) and Workplace Guide. All required proformas for recording process and candidate's responses/achievements are included.
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Training and Assessment Strategy (sample)

The subscription to this resource package includes all of the above resources, alteration and enhancement of the resources through a user materials improvement process, monitoring and changes to ensure NVR compliance and access to a contextualisation service at reduced fees.

Template_TAS_ICT10115_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
Materials_Improvement_Request_2-0.docPurchase course to Download
TeacherGuide1-3.docPurchase course to Download
BSBCMM101_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
BSBWHS201_Assess_Tools_1-2.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT101_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT102_Assess_Tools_1-3.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT103_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT104_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT106_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
ICTICT108_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
ICT10115_RPL_Candidate_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
ICT10115_RPL_Assessor_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
ICA10115_RPL_Workplace_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
ICT10115_RPL_Forms_1-1.docPurchase course to Download

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