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 TEIA and its affliates offer a range of support programs for your organisation.

Our experience in a range of business and organizational development programs as well as VET in Schools is able to assist you in addressing the unique needs of your business, community group, industry enterprise or school.

The content, methods of service and delivery and outcomes are negotiated to meet your specific requirements.

Our expertise enables our teams to deliver quality, individualised support programs in a wide range of general areas, including:

  • Annual access to training and assessment materials developed to meet your needs
  • Development of on-line courses and learning materials
  • NVR/ASQA Compliance program and workshops for RTOs and Schools
  • Staff training in Vocational Education and Training, NVR/AQTF Standards and processes
  • VET consultancy
  • Community level training in a wide variety of skills: Information Technology - Examples: World Wide Web, Internet Training, Website Construction and Commercial Use of the Internet; Business Applications of Technology - Examples: Word Training, MS Office; etc.

We are capable of delivering a wide range of courses and support programs. The examples above are provided to give you an idea of the depth of our offerings. Please contact us to enquire about an area of interest to you, your organization or your business.

VET Learning Materials

Via our web repository, you are able to subscribe to specific qualification/topic packages of training and learning materials, assessment tools, NVR/ASQA compliance documentation and supporting materials. Subscriptions are established on an annual basis with full badging privileges. These resources are maintained to ensure compliance, are validated annually by groups that include industry representatives and are constantly added to to enhance their functionality. The resources include on-line programs, workbooks, presentations and learning objects.

If the qualification/package that you seek is not there, contact us and negotiate our development/construction of your resources for placement in the repository.

Why burden your organization with the developmental costs, time off line and human resource challenges when there is an easier way to achieve your goals?

Delivery of Workshops

The cost of training is a significant investment on behalf of a business or individual. It is foolhardy to spend significant funds providing training if the outcomes of the training activity are not reflected in your business and in the skills of your staff. To ensure that positive outcomes are evident from training that we carry out, TEIA ensures an appropriate ratio of facilitators/trainers to participants. This commitment to quality ensures that individual attention is available to all participants.

Our workshop delivery incorporates a range of training/teaching strategies:

  • Group presentations
  • Group discussion and problem solving activities
  • Trainer initiated activities
  • Independent learning
  • Support resources

Costs for delivery of workshops to meet your business' or organisation's needs are negotiated.