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 While TEIA provides RTO and VET consultancy as well as course/learning material development services, it also operates as an RTO with specific focus on supporting schools and community bodies.

The following national recognised qualifications are offered through our organization:


  • Certificate III in Business (BSB30115)
  • Certificate II in Business (BSB20115)
  • Certificate I in Business (BSB10115)
  • Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT20115)
  • Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT10115)

All qualifications offered by this registered training organization are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. We do not desire to be "all things to all people" but rather offer selected courses and qualifications that meet the specific needs of our clients, communities and individuals.

We will develop and register courses for national qualifications on request for organisations that meet our 'assisted service' duties. TEIA is a not for profit company providing service to communities, community bodies and for organisations involved in public education.

Issue of Qualifications

To be eligible for a qualification (i.e. Certificate or Diploma) a student must have

  • completed all negotiated work;
  • completed all assessment as set out in the program outline for the course;
  • successfully demonstrated competency in the areas required.

A Statement of Attainment will be issued to students who successfully complete:

  • a unit of competency from a nationally endorsed Training Package
  • or a module from an accredited course, if the full award has not been completed.
Reissue of a Qualification

We will reissue an award or result of assessment when the original has been lost/misplaced or was not received.

 A student can receive a replacement award by submitting a Statutory Declaration to the Training Coordinator. This must be signed by a Justice of the Peace stating the reason for a request to reissue an award.

A fee of $66.00 for reissuing of a qualification applies.

Statement of Attendance / Participation

For courses which are focussed on participation and have no formal assessment.,where  a learener has satisfactorily participated a Certificate of Participation is issued. Where a participatant has not attended at least 75% of the course, no statement of participation is issued.

Requests for a Statement of Attendance at a training activity may be made in writing to the course teacher/tutor. The teacher will provide the necessary details of a student's attendance to the Training Administrator and an attendance statement will be issued to the learner within 10 working days.

Where TEIA conducts one or two day training workshops, a Certificate of Attendance is automatically generated for workshop participants.

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