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Student Services


Client Enrolment and Induction/Orientation Procedures

TEIA provides clear information on the qualifications, courses and services that it offers. This includes the location of training, any required skills or knowledge and any additional training pathways available. The RTO's enrolment process requires you to complete an enrolment form and provide as much relevant information as possible to ensure we provide training to suit your need. All information collected is kept confidential and subject to TEIA's TEIA's Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

To obtain an enrolment form in one of our courses or to seek Recognition of Prior learning contact our office, admin@teia.edu.au.

Course Information

Specific course overviews have been developed for all of the courses that TEIA offers. Learner information sheets for each course and its contents are available through the TEIA office and this website. 

Fees and Charges

Information on fees, charges and refunds are clearly documented in this course information and through this website.

Provision of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

TEIA provides advice, support and help for any language, literacy and numeracy assistance on request or where our trainers identify the need during a course. Trainers monitor the needs of a learner's language, literacy and numeracy skills through TEIA's enrolment forms, and through the learning process. If at any time TEIA feels a learner requires assistance in these areas The RTO will either provide this or tailor learning and assessment materials to match the learner's needs.


If you are experiencing difficulty with reading the course materials, writing or working with numbers then please contact TEIA for further support.

Telephone our Training Administrator on 07-47871410 or email at admin@teia.edu.au .


Client Support

TEIA currently offers support in:

  1. RPL assessment;
  2. Options in learning;
  3. Guidance on career options;
  4. One on one learning assistance; and,
  5. Training needs analysis.
Flexible Learning and Assessment Strategies

TEIA’s procedures for learning and assessment are flexible and take into account the context and needs of learners. The RTO ensures that:

  • All required resources for the delivery of any course are in place and maintained in good working order.
  • Training and assessment will only be conducted by qualified staff.
  • All training and assessment will be to the nationally set standard prescribed in the relevant Training Package or accredited course material.

This means that training and assessment you receive with TEIA is done in accordance of the National VET Recognition/Australian Quality Training Framework. Any qualifications you achieve with TEIA will be recognised anywhere in Australia.

Welfare and Guidance Services

TEIA endeavours to provide welfare and guidance to all learners. This includes:

  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Review of payment schedules when requested
  • Learning pathways and possible RPL and RCC opportunities;
  • Provision for special learning needs;
  • Provision for special cultural and religious needs; and
  • Provision for special dietary needs.
Appeals and Complaints Procedures

TEIA has a documented procedure that covers any appeals or complaints. Should you have an appeal, complaint or grievance contact TEIA's Training Administrator for detailed information on this process or submit your complaint via email to admin@teia.edu.au.

Disciplinary Procedure

To ensure all learners receive equal opportunities and gain the maximum from their time with our organisation, these rules apply to all people that attend any of TEIA's workshops, training sessions and learning/assessment activities. Any person(s) who displays dysfunctional or disruptive behaviour may be ask to leave the session and/or the course.

Dysfunctional/disruptive behaviour may include:

  • Continuous interruptions to the trainer whilst delivering the course content
  • Smoking in non-smoking areas
  • Being disrespectful to other participants
  • Harassment by using offensive language
  • Sexual harassment
  • Acting in an unsafe manner that places themselves and others at risk
  • Continued absence at required times

Any person who is asked to leave a session or course has the right of appeal through TEIA's appeals process.

Staff Responsibilities for Access and Equity Issues

At TEIA, all staff are inducted in their responsibilities with regard access and equity principles. TEIA's staff act in accordance with its Code of Practice and all learners are made aware of their rights and responsibilities. All learners have access to all courses that are conducted irrespective of gender, culture, linguistic background, race, or disability.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Arrangements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment is available to all learners. If you believe you have relevant skills and abilities that you have learned in your past please contact the relevant trainer. They will discuss the evidence requirements you will need to provide and support documentation as required.

Refund Policy

As a learner you either pay an agreed fee upon commencement of a course in which you are enrolled or through a support arrangement negotiated with TEIA pay for the course after the fact. Course deposits are accounted separately and are not accessed until course commencement. TEIA maintains and promotes a fair and just refund policy for those students/clients that have concerns/difficulties in the following areas:

  • Materials and resources did not meet the client’s needs.
  • Exceptional family circumstances that disadvantage the student (Application is made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer)

The TEIA refund policy is outlined below and is also printed on each enrolment form:

Refund Conditions: Materials are returned in good condition within 30 days of receipt
Available Refund:  100% refund of fees

Refund Conditions: Materials are returned in good condition between 30 - 60 days of receipt
Available Refund:  75% refund of fees

Refund Conditions: Cancellation of a workshop occurs within the first three hours of the workshop’s commencement
Available Refund:  100% refund of fees

Refund Conditions: Cancellation of a workshop or return of materials/resources outside of the above
Available Refund:  No refund of fees


TEIA works closely with a range of community based groups that address equity and access issues. If you are experiencing difficulties in your training program or studies, then contact our office who will be able to place you in contact with those groups or individuals that may be able to offer assistance and the most appropriate support for your situation.

Always contact us if you are experiencing difficulty with your training course or have suffered delays due to extenuating circumstances. We can help...


As a student you may at some time be unhappy about an assessment decision or result. You have the right to appeal for a re-evaluation.

Appeals must be lodged within 14 days of the original decision being notified.

Re-evaluation of Results

If a student considers that a result received for an assessment activity is not a fair reflection of their ability/competency, then the student may apply for a re-evaluation of that assessment activity.  The student must lodge the request or re-evaluation of the assessment to the Training Administrator and it must be received no later than 14 days after the assessment results were notified. The student must provide an explanation as to why he or she considers the results inappropriate.

If a student's assessment has been re-evaluated and the student is still dissatisfied with the result, the student may lodge a second appeal. The second appeal must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer within seven (7) days of the student being notified of the result of the re-evaluation by the RTO. An Appeals Committee consisting of the Chief Executive Officer and a board member of the RTO will then hear the appeal through a face to face meeting, teleconference or web-conference. The student will have:

  • The opportunity to present further evidence
  • The opportunity to clarify evidence previously provided by the student
  • The opportunity to be supported by another person during the meeting (The support person may not take an active part in the discussions of the appeal; they are there to provide pastoral support to the student.)

The student will then be advised in writing of the outcome within seven (7) days of the appeal hearing.

TEIA has means available to support you through this process if you so desire. Please enquire with the Training Administrator, (+61 7 47871410) or send an email using our Contact Us page


Where a business, organization, a student or other person conducting business with TEIA or its kindred organizations believes they have a valid complaint against a member or process, they may seek redress through the following process:

  • Approach the teacher and/or Training Administrator to informally resolve the matter. If you are unable to speak with either officer, please submit your concerns in writing using the provided form. 
  • A response to your complaint will be made within fourteen days of the receipt of your complaint.
  • If, after this stage and response, you do not believe the matter was resolved, you may ask that the matter is progressed to the Chief Executive Officer within a 14 day period.
  • The Chief Executive Officer who will investigate the matter and respond in writing to your concerns indicating the outcomes of his investigations.

Download TEIA's Code of Practice