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TAE40110 - Training and Assessment IV

This qualification addresses a range of competency areas that represent the key areas of work undertaken within organisations that provide training and assessment services. It is the base requirement for training and assessing in the VET area.

People responsible for the delivery of and assessment of training programs require specific skills and competencies. Persons in this vocational area may be required to undertake any of the following roles:
  • Need analysis
  • Designing training and/or assessment systems
  • Establishing training and/or assessment systems
  • Implementing training and/or assessment systems
  • Managing training and/or assessment systems
  • Evaluating training and/or assessment systems
  • Catering for language, literacy and numeracy requirements
This qualification allows for flexible entry and exit points.

Note:  The resources for this qualification are not for sale.

TAE40110_Materials_Improvement_Request_2-2B.docPurchase course to Download
BSZ to TAA to TAE Mapping.docPurchase course to Download
TAE40110 Mapping Guide.docPurchase course to Download
TAELLN401A RPL 1-1.docPurchase course to Download
TAEASS401B_Assess_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEASS402B_Assess_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEASS403B_Assess_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEASS502B_Assessment_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEDEL401A Assessment Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEDEL402A_Assess_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEDEL403A_Assessment_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAEDES401A_Assessment_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAELLN411_Assessment_Tool_1-4.docPurchase course to Download
TAE40110_Assessor_Guide_1-3.docPurchase course to Download
TAE40110_Candidate_Guide_1-3.docPurchase course to Download
TAE40110_Forms_1-3.docPurchase course to Download
TAE40110_Workplace_Guide_1-3.docPurchase course to Download

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