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VET in Schools

 TEIA has a number of ways of assisting schools in implementing Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Our organization provides the following services/support:

  • Providing low cost, high quality e-learning resources aligned to national qualifications, either as supporting activities or whole on-line courses
  • Developing learning materials to support accredited courses or qualifications within a Training Package
  • Construction, ongoing maintenance and hosting of e-learning courses for schools
  • Internal audit and self review activities
  • 'Emergency support' to address audit or operational issues
  • Accreditation services through an active partnership with schools.

Currently TEIA works with schools in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland.

TEIA services are formed with intimate knowledge of the budgetary and systemic impediments that schools face.

Start a discussion with us about how you may enhance VET pathways for your students... admin@teia.edu.au