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Workplace Practices II (30981QLD)

This qualification assists young people to gain generic employability skills required by industry of an entry-level employee. The resulting course is an individualized educational program for young people who wish to pursue a range of vocational, employment and personal goals in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, but who, initially, lack the basic work education skills to pursue these goals.

The knowledge and skills underpinning this qualification comprise generic industry competency requirements identified by employers as the baseline entry-level point for positions requiring limited technical competence to complete routine tasks under direct supervision. This level of skill and knowledge acquisition aligns with AQF qualification Level II.
The purpose of the course is to increase confidence and competency in:
  • considering career options and developing a personal career plan supported by a relevant learning development (education and training) plan
  • identifying and evaluating employment opportunities and practising applying and interviewing for suitable positions
  • following defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures related to work being undertaken while under direct supervision to ensure own safety and that of others in the workplace
  • meeting workplace standards for personal presentation, professional behaviour and communicating and interacting effectively with all people in the workplace
  • working effectively as part of a team
  • gaining a basic understanding of industrial arrangements in the workplace as they contribute to productive workplace relations
  • practising the skills and knowledge associated with an appropriate work ethic and acceptable work practice while under direct supervision
This qualification allows for flexible entry and exit points.
The content for this course is constructed into a scenario approach called Working Up To Work. It is digital set of resources that support either teacher directed approaches or indpendent/flexible approaches that may best suit individual learners.
The resource will operate on any current Windows computer.
Note:  The learning content of this course is available through direct negotiation with TEIA.  It is not available for general purchase. Please contact TEIA for information on how you may access this resource.
Training_Assessment_StrategyA_30981QLD.docPurchase course to Download
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30981QLD Teachers Guide 1-4.docPurchase course to Download
Career-Journal -1-1.pdfPurchase course to Download
Student Pre-course Questionnaire - 30981QLD.pdfPurchase course to Download
Workplace Practices II Course-Syllabus.pdfPurchase course to Download
Workplace_Journal_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
BSBCMM201_Assess_Tool_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
BSBIND201_Assess_Tools_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
BSBWHS201_Assess_Tools_1-1.docPurchase course to Download
GENENP201CAAssess_Tool_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
GENJAS201C_Assess_Tools_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
GENPCD201C_Assess_Tools_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
GENSWL201C_Assess_Tools_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
30981QLD_Assessor_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
30981QLD_Candidate_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
30981QLD_Workplace_Guide_1-0.docPurchase course to Download
30981QLD_Forms_1-0.docPurchase course to Download

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